3D Car Modeling
From 2000 - 2003

From 2000 until 2003 this was a great site for artists who were into 3D car modeling.
Content is from the site's 2001-2003 archived pages offering just a peek at the 3D car models that ranged from concept cars to sports cars, trucks, toy cars, serial cars, off road cars, old timer cars, to motorcycles that one could find here.

The new owners of this domain regret that they can not post all the site's fabulous artwork.



Any participant of our "Automotive 3D gallery" (professional or amateur), can enter our " 3D auto club ", having placed here a photo and some information about himself. We hope, that it will allow better to learn not only works but to know each other by sight.. Probably, somebody will think up the charter of club, its flag, for possible further participation in any actions.


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Editor's note: This was the place for the specialized artistry of 3d modeling via software. Many of those who posted here are influential designers in both automobile and other competitive design arenas. At the first meeting of the informal "club" we noticed that a good number of participants arrived in Batman t shirts. We see this as a good sign that we're on the right track and that karma is on our side, plus Batman fans tend to be a very creative bunch. We shared the information about where other members can get the best deals on the coolest Batman shirts. The clear winner was MoonAtMidnight.com, where the selection is huge as are the images printed on the shirts. The shirts depicting the most recent Batman movies are printed using the amazing photo sublimation process, which enables shockingly clear detail and colors that jump off the shirts. There was one guy in a Bane shirt - he's a popular Batman villain - but we consider that a Batman hat tip. The Dark Knight never looked so good - also on hoodies and sweatshirts. To all you 3d modelers out there, even if you're not a Batman fan, bring your ideas and fantasies to our get-togethers where you'll meet the other car crazy artists who dwell in our realm. Maybe a Batmobile is in your future.




Himanshu Khatri (India)

This is my concept of Audi. Software: 3D Studio Max r3.0




Ait-Cherif Kamel (France)

I'm doing 3D for about one year. My soft are 3D studio MAX and Photoshop



Stephane Chauvin (France)

Concept car designed by 3DCorum.




Alexander Timashev /ZerDo/ (Kyrgyzstan)

Sport car "NURBOZ". Modeling in Rhino1.1 and rendering 3DMAX r.3




Derek Y. Xu (USA) 



R. Childs (USA)

"Apex Teraforma CT" by R.childs CMCDESIGN U.S.A.

The concept for the apex finds it's focus driven by the need for the youth oriented market to have exciting rugged high tech, high performance vehicles. These new hybrid concepts will be the culmination of many types of performance vehicles.
Enter the apex, part car part truck, motorcycle and helicopter all rolled into one hot little package. The end result would be a go everywhere do everything two place new generation cross trainer. The apex will start life with a unique hydroformed, exo-chassis framework, which combines the heavy duty suspension and 4 wheel steering mechanism into the spider like “inverted U” articulated chassis assembly. The drive train, differential and transaxle reside madcap, up top, just behind the drivers head. Also, riding midway the power plant, 4 or 6 cylinder, 300 hp, 4 cam, supercharged and inter cooled. The engine and drive train components sit “cradled 'between the chassis encased in sort of weather proofed “jacket” allowing in only service fluids thru formula one type valves.
The aggressive, catlike stance and muscular utility type set-up is further enhanced by the sleek passenger canopy bubble which also “hangs” from the chassis members. Occupants enter thru an opening on either side, Snuggling into the cozy, cocoon-like interior. A Thick padded rollover capsule wraps the riders safe inside the canopy. High tech no nonsense instrumentation informs the driver of the apex vitals in analog, digital and HUD . Because of the absence of body panels the Apex is light in weight Primary materials used in this design are steel chassis components along with aluminum and carbonfiber composites.Modular designing could offer a multitude of “bolt on” design variations. Different lighting configurations fenders, all weather canopies and other options could be removed or installed to the owners taste, or the governments regulations, or the envoirmental operating conditions.
The apex could be found almost anywhere on the active life style circuit. Jumping dunes in Baja, blazing thru snow in Iowa. Or cruising the beaches in the south of France. An average consumer could buy a base model and instead of trading it in, they could go out and buy upgrades that would retrofit right on to the base vehicle. No two vehicles would have to be alike or ever outdated.



Fred Fluker (USA)


Project: "ENIGMA Roadster". Programm: Strata StudioPro™ 2.5.3




Thierry Nyssen (Belgium)

Project: a roadster based on the Mclaren F1 (this car exist only in my imagination). I have modeled and rendered this car in 3DSmax R3.1





Kamran Chahkar (Canada)

Programs: 3D Studio Max / Brasil
The project: "Medusa" (concept)




Author: AaRoN Cardenas (USA)

Programs: Maya 4 / Photoshop 7
The project: "DraGooN" (concept)



Author: Frederic LE PALUD (France)

Programs: Amapi / 3ds Max
The project: 'LP3' (concept))



Author:Goran Igor Bundaleski (Macedonia)

Programs: Maya 4 Unlimited
The project: 'Peugeot Dalmat' (concept)



Author: Luke Easton (Australia)

Programs: 3D studio Max 5
The project: 'LE103 GTR' (concept)




Rendering. Creating of lusters on a surface of a 3D car's body. 

Description Описание Using of an auxiliary plane.It is the lesson in usual 3D Studio MAX R3.0 with standard materials. Base material for car on this scene is used reflection map of "Raitrace" texture

Lesson # 1 

At last you've finished complicated model of your car. And you used all necessary materials and maps of reflections, worked with source of lights, but... The result of this rendering is not suit you again. The picture is not expressive! :(

There is a little secret... Put white self-illumination plane above your scene. The result of this simple action is in this picture. Do you like it? Try to make it yourself. It's very easy!

For instance. Let's give red self-illumination material to our top plane. You can see the border of the top reflection on the of a car's body.

The common view of our scene. Don't forget disable functions to cast and receive shadows in object properties of the top plane. And flip "normals" down for our top plane.


If you go next. The top plane can become semisphere and it's the most important that it can have any colour different from red. Make experiments, but keep measure. :))